Our Faith

Most of us scoot along the surface of our faith. Our faith is like a rock skipping on the water. Certain. Until uncertain. Satisfied. Until dissatisfied. Unshaken. Until shaken. What happens when our rock begins to sink, and the once glassy waters of our lives disappear?


What if it didn’t matter if our rock needed smooth waters? What if we could heave our rock into the fiercest waves knowing our God could handle wherever it might travel?


Faith doesn’t just believe in God, faith dwells in intimate relationship with Him. 


Join me in knowing the God who rejects the superficial. The only One who designs to dwell deeply with His creation, because Faith Dwells!


What I Do

I Write.

https://nancymackensen.com/about-3#what-can-I-writeWhat can I write that has not already been written? What can I say that has not already been expressed? Likely, nothing.  

King Solomon confirmed it, “There is nothing new under the sun.” He probably made that comment after trying to find an available domain name for his website!


But who might pause here to think, to consider as never before? I write for you and…

I Speak.

Actually, I’m a teacher at heart. I’ve enjoyed teaching since my first class of tennis students in high school. Though, I’m no longer hitting fuzzy green balls at people and showing them how to swing a racquet, I’ve never lost my love of teaching.


I hope you will read more about my speaking style and a few of the topics I’d love to speak on at your event.


From the Blog

The Bible

The Bible exists so that all might acknowledge the sovereign Lord God, through Christ Jesus, and come to dwell now in part, and later in all fullness and glory, forever in worship to him.


The Bible is the revelation of what God has intended for all human beings to know of himself and his plan for the ages. In his sovereignty and grace God writes himself, his Son, and Holy Spirit into living-written-words that transforms lives.

The Bible conveys… 

A little writing, sharing, and creating.

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