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Your Story His Glory

Have you ever wondered why God created you?

Are you aware of His amazing purpose for your life? Have you discovered how God has gifted you and wants to use your giftedness in every part of your life?


Your Story His Glory explores and answers these questions and others to bring meaning to our lives and glory to God’s!


Created as a discipleship book for an East African audience, this book offers anyone engaging stories to help you ground your faith, discover your giftedness, and use it all with Christ honoring intention.

What others are saying about,
Your Story His Glory

Your Story His Glory opens the practical side of foundational theology.  This easy to read, yet profoundly thoughtful book offers examples, illustrations and context-based scripture in an organized and engaging way. A great resource for missionaries to share with nationals, bible studies, new membership classes, family devotions… the list continues!  Hopefully Nancy’s first book will not be her last.  Her gift for writing can continue to inspire believers to actually follow Jesus so the world may know – He lives!

Lisa Hauger

Field Director/AmongtheLeast.org

This is a beautiful and effective guide to starting or living the Christian life. I can well imagine it being used with new believers or in a discipleship group. It covers the basics, gives useful and clear illustrations throughout. Instructive without being didactic or pontifical. I pray, and am confident, that God will use this book. May God bless Nancy for her efforts!


Michael Pocock

Senior Professor Emeritus of Missiology & Intercultural Ministries/Dallas Theological Seminary

I normally find discipleship books and materials, though necessary, to be dry and boring reads. I will be honest, when I sat down to read Nancy’s book, I was bracing myself for more of the same. I needn’t have worried – this had me engaged from start to finish. My work takes me to East Africa quite often, where I work with the expats who serve there, and nationals who are in discipleship with them.  I could easily picture this book being of such great help in a mentoring or discipling relationship with a new believer. Even better, I think a new believer could take this book and use it as an outreach tool in their community. It’s not full of heady, intimidating theology, but rather, it cuts straight to some of the most foundational aspects of the Christian life and does so in a way that is approachable, enjoyable, and can be immediately taken and used by the reader. I’ll be taking extra copies of it with me to pass around whenever I travel to East Africa!  



Jenni Keiter

Staff Photographer/Videographer/eMiworld.org

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