Meet Nancy Mackensen

A "Smidgen" About Nancy

Nancy Mackensen holds a master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.


Through her life and writing, she inspires others toward a deeper dwell with the living God.


Nancy’s broad service in Christian ministry has encompassed writing, teaching, women’s ministries, various leadership and organizational roles, missions, and evangelism. Her numerous and diverse experiences create the variety of topics she writes about.


Believing devotion to Christ always seeks and embraces biblical and theological truths, Nancy grounds her life and words upon the Scripture.


Travel along with Nancy as she journeys through thick weeds, down thorny—yet—purposeful paths, amidst the twist and yank of life, into sun drenched days.  


“I promise you no matter how difficult the road, God understands. God is present. God’s love continually wraps and covers us like the heavens cover the earth. God offers us amazing lives to live for him…between the banks!” Nancy 




What can I write that has not already been written? What can I say that has not already been expressed? Likely, nothing.  


King Solomon confirmed it, “There is nothing new under the sun.” He probably made that comment after trying to find an available domain name for his website!


But who might pause here to think, to consider as never before? I write for you and…


I Write…that those who trust in Christ might grow in unity of one mind and one spirit based in biblical truth, championed in love, lived-out, and proclaimed to all the world!


I Write…as one who finds herself ruined for Christ. As such, I am compelled to spend much of my time exploring all that is of God. His Word is the catalyst for my life and work.


I Write…to convince you of who you might become, as an obedient follower of Christ, and how your transformed life will in turn transform the lives of others.  


I Write…because it helps me to clarify a lot of the thoughts I wrestle with in life. God’s Word and the Holy Spirit help me to work through those uncomfortable, nagging thoughts.


I Write…about the certainty of God, revealed through Christ Jesus, and through the Holy Spirit. I am aware that most will never acknowledge, explore, or experience that same certainty. But for those who might, I write…for you.






Speaking Topics

My speaking flows first and foremost from a sincere desire to teach others truths from God’s Word. To laugh, sometimes cry, and speak deeply into the hearts and minds of an audience. To do so with grace that offers hope and encouragement. I love to engage with my audience and I’m always discovering new ways to involve them personally in the learning.

Creating An Effective Women's Ministry

This useful seminar focuses on the women leaders in your church desiring to start a ministry for women. Or perhaps you find your women's ministry is struggling and just needs some tweaking.

A Faith That Dwells

Jesus came that we might dwell in the riches of our relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Let's learn about those riches!

When "Muffin" is Going Right? What Kind of Muffin Are You?

A fun and engaging discussion on helping you identify your problem solving personality and how Christ assists us through our difficult days. A great topic for a brunch or luncheon.

A Biblical Look at Suffering

How we respond to suffering impacts our lives and others. The Bible directs us to a greater understanding of how to respond to trials. And reveals Jesus' faithfulness to us through everything we endure.

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Mormonism 101: How to respectively and effectively share the Gospel with Mormons.

A brief overview and history of Mormonism, along with key beliefs and teachings that distinguish it from Christianity. Lecture, discussion, role play, and useful handouts are included in this 5-6 hour seminar.

Your Interest or Topic?

I enjoy studying and exploring God's Word. I would love to work with you to develop a topic of interest for your event, seminar, or retreat.


"Nancy's work and life are centered in her love for God and reaching people for Jesus and His glory. Although God has allowed health struggles and physical pain into Nancy's journey, God has also gifted her as a writer, lover of theology, and lover of His people. Through her attractive sense of humor and ability to see the lighter side of life in humble sincerity, Nancy conveys her heart of passion for her Savior and His calling to love God and love others. Your walk with Christ will be enhanced through Nancy's lifework! May the LORD richly bless you as you know and follow Him."
Patrice Oakley
"Nancy’s teaching provides deep and thought provoking insights that challenge mindsets and encourage transformational living. Her authentic faith, shared through storytelling, offers hope in the darkest of places and restores joy in the midsts of trials."
Lisa Bowe
Nancy is deeply committed to our Lord Jesus and has walked with him for many years. Her relationship with God is strong and her love for Scripture is evident by years of detailed study. God has brought her through many “real-life” difficulties of which many can relate. As a result of her walk with God and her knowledge of Scripture, Nancy is a wise woman of God who desires to help others on their journey with our Savior. She is well equipped and willing to follow (submit to) God and thus is making an impact for our Lord through her various relationships and ministries.
Joe Fantin

The "Mostly" Lighter Side of Me

God’s unique design of every person sets us apart from each other.  Bringing all that uniqueness together in biblical, spiritual unity can change the world! 

Who am I?


One who believes that biblical truth-seekers, thinkers, and dreamers live interesting and rich lives in Christ.Though they don’t always sleep very well.


I am fascinated with human behavior, a confessed people watcher. A psychology hobbyist. Should have majored in psychology in college. Missed that bent.


Cloud watcher, writer, poet. Amazing how all those fit together. Wish I’d realized that sooner in my life.


Teacher, not a preacher. Illustrations, visuals, engaging with others my preference. Oh, and undoubtedly a few humorous rabbit trails along the way. 


I love capturing a great photo! Especially, if you’re in it. Very grateful for the iPhone. Camera tripods also a blessing for weak hands. 


Retired sand-castle builder, yet forever a beach baby (not babe). Growing up in a small costal town, salty and sandy just stick with you. Literally! Though for now I’d settle for a pool on a hot, Texas summer day. Have one?


NOT a morning person. NOT a coffee drinker. You’ve been warned!

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