Garden Time

For years now, I’ve struggled to take the challenging steps of developing a writer’s platform. The time, the money, the commitment. Understanding its inevitability for all authors, doesn’t lessen the many sacrifices. Sure, I’m excited about sharing years of work, along with new inspirations, but it comes at a cost.

My greatest cost?

Less garden time. Not a garden of flowers with weeds to always address. But the “quiet kingdom” I adore. The non-hurried dwell with God, His Word, His voice as it speaks, and I listen. Writing is hard. Garden time is easy. Easy, until my comfortable dwell, becomes uncomfortable. Simple, until challenged with something difficult. Quiet, until the Gardener announces it’s time to leave. 

I wonder did Jesus struggle with my same dilemma. Time with the Father and the time fulfilling his calling? Would Jesus have enjoyed longer stays in the garden? Just guessing, but I’ll vote, “Yes.”  

“He went out and made his way as usual to the Mount of Olives” (Luke 22:39). The usual was for Jesus to spend time with the Father. What we view as an example to us, Jesus realized as necessity. He withdrew to the garden to dwell with the Father. 

Jesus knew time in the garden was an indispensable part of the plan for His life, but not his mission. 

Envision a time of Jesus’ followers searching to understand truth. Consider the three-year road trip with twelve, hand-picked friends. Picture every mouth-dropping miracle. His disciples reflecting upon every word Jesus voiced that leads us to the garden gate for His last time. No relaxed stroll on this trip. If it were us, would we even show up? Jesus did. Garden time hadn’t changed. Perhaps more important now than ever before. Imagine those anguishing hours, the Savior longing for just a little more time with the Father before the painful journey to the cross.

Suddenly my sacrifice of time, money, and quiet kingdom appears very selfish. 

None of us are destined to live in quiet times. Every day we witness a hopeless world, irredeemable without the one who came to save it.  

Acts 2 birthed the greatest spiritual movement in human history. We celebrate it as Pentecost when the Spirit came upon those who had gathered as instructed. The day when they stopped reminiscing about the amazing times on the road with Jesus, his marvelous teachings, and all the miracles.

Now the one Jesus promised came upon them and empowered by the Spirit they went out to change their world!

Yes, garden time still matters. Time that dwells with the living God matters immensely!

But the mission we’re called to does too. The apostles understood the necessity of both. So, what about you? Is the Gardner telling you we need more garden time together? Or is the Gardner encouraging you to go, pursue your calling no matter the cost?

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