The God Who Pursues

God is unfathomable, an endless exploration, we are rather simple. We, however, have done well in complicating the simple and confusing our understanding of ourselves as well as God. We want to rule our own lives, to gain everything we believe we deserve, and to believe we can rescue a fallen world.

Though a tough reality to swallow, we don’t make life about God, we make it about us. God in his love pursues around the “us.” He has proven his relentless chase throughout history. Why? Have we not flaunted our disinterest, resistance, and self-centeredness in his face. He even seeks after those that hate him.

It wasn’t long, before the idyllic garden life with God ended. Adam and Eve choosing the knowledge and experience of evil over the shalom of dwelling with God in all his goodness. Once the disobedience of Adam and Eve, allowed evil into our world, our attention switched from God to ourselves.

Romans 3:10-12 tells us “As it is written: There is no one righteous, not even one; there is no one who understands, no one who seeks God. All have turned away, they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one.”

Yet, in our pursuit of everything but God, his intent remains the same, his desire unwavering, to dwell in relationship with us.

To speak to us from a holy tent. (Exodus 29:42)

To walk among us as the God-Man. (John 1:14)

To give the gift of his Spirit that dwells within every believer. (1 Corth 3:16)

To where one day we’ll serve him and reign with him forever. (Rev 22:3-5)

In short, the Bible became God’s means to reveal the progressive path by which fallen human beings can dwell again with Him in perfect, restored relationship. For it conveys the very essence of the character of God, through His very image, Jesus Christ, that all may come to dwell with Him. 

Yes, even our hunger to know God, our thirst for Him, our sometimes desperateness to feel His presence, all reside in our desire to come closer to the living God to meet our needs. The purest motives hijacked and tainted by a nature centered on self. But understood, forgiven, and redeemed. A nature Christ came and rescued.

God responds, not to shame us but invite us into his world both the seen and the unseen. In every hidden or exposed area of creation and within the innermost thoughts of our minds, he seeks after us through his Holy Spirit.

I am among those that God has sought and found. His Holy Spirit now dwelling within me. We are all among those that God seeks. Our people seeking God wants us to mark our days in moments of dwelling with him. Even though our dwelling with him now only a sliver of what awaits us in heaven.

Why, this profound desire to dwell with us? Only God can answer that question. I only know that God loves us and yearns to dwell with us in endless meaningful relationship.

I can’t even imagine heaven without thinking of all the self-perks. Can you? What’s even harder to imagine is a time when my life will no longer be about me, but all about God.

May we come to dwell in part now, that we might dwell in fullness later, with our Lord God.

2 thoughts on “The God Who Pursues”

  1. Nancy, this is so beautifully written. It makes me long for the time I can dwell in fullness with God who loves me more than I can fathom. For now, I will consider myself blessed to dwell in part. Love!

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